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Over all years we have been running Master Classes and place-based immersions on architecture in beautiful natural settings with inspirational ‘masters’. These are transformational learning programs rich in meaning and experience. The following Testimonials from a few of 1000 strong international Alumni network , from over 80 nations, offer insights into the impact and value of the process and the experience.

Posts in Murcutt Masterclass
Marcela Casas

I wanted to thank you for the amazing course you put together. I can honestly say that this entire experience has been life changing for me and I do seriously intend to return to Australia for a longer period of time in pursuit of more architectural knowledge.

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Greg Simon

A warm thanks to everyone who participated in, directed or supported the class. I will forever appreciate all the students and mentors. Working for a project with a diverse group in such a short time…..all that we learned….all the words we learned!!

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Hiren Patel

GMMC was a wonderful experience. As time passes you realise it more and more. I want to meet all you again… the relations are so deep and wide that any small scratch on any friend, there will be a pain in me… and that is more than a happy friendship.

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Janine de Waal

I cannot tell you what a great experience this has been – people say it is life altering, etc., etc., and you kind of do not believe them  – I mean how much can a 2-week architecture course really change your life? But it is true, completely true!

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