Architecture Foundation Australia


Over all years we have been running Master Classes and place-based immersions on architecture in beautiful natural settings with inspirational ‘masters’. These are transformational learning programs rich in meaning and experience. The following Testimonials from a few of 1000 strong international Alumni network , from over 80 nations, offer insights into the impact and value of the process and the experience.

John Redington

I had a notion before my arrival of what the “master class” might be like, but sitting down for dinner on the first night, all preconceived notions were exceeded. The night was filled with new faces, young to old (in some cases, extremely old). Immediately, I felt a strong unity between a group of very different people I had nothing in common with besides a passion for architecture. Through the rest of the two weeks it could be said, that we took our passions and walked blindly into the darkness of a Riversdale night and then came back with a new meaning of what our passions were. But, that wouldn’t come close to describe the power and holistic value this class has. To anyone wondering if it is worth the expense, I would tell them the first night alone is worth it. Plus, the food wasn’t that bad.
— John Redington, Practising Architect, Frisco, Texas, USA Murcutt Master Class 2015