Architecture Foundation Australia


Over all years we have been running Master Classes and place-based immersions on architecture in beautiful natural settings with inspirational ‘masters’. These are transformational learning programs rich in meaning and experience. The following Testimonials from a few of 1000 strong international Alumni network , from over 80 nations, offer insights into the impact and value of the process and the experience.

Vesna Hrvatin


… after two weeks I can say that the Master Class experience IS a life changing experience for me … and I would like to thank each one of you for sharing the Masters experience with me, to let me enter your wonderful and special personalities, minds and souls … and so to enrich my own life in very touching and a profound way…forever. Shared joy is double joy … THANK YOU! Yesterday was a month of my staying here in Australia and I found this country and its nature very special … and people! They are so healthy in the way they live, think, treat each other and the way they connect with the nature and the universe, … amazing and pure joy for LIFE … as it is whole Australia experience itself pure JOY for me… this month of wonderful experiences, meeting new people and beautiful events, that started to happen to me EVERY SINGLE day, is such an OVERWHELMING JOURNEY… which started with the Master Class … and continues and continues … I wish you all the best, enjoy your lives, keep in touch and … give away all shared experiences to keep them in our hearts, … God bless you all! 

Vesna Hrvatin, Slovenia