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Palm Garden House

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Palm Garden House, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia : 34˚S : 1974-76

The heart of this small home is a garden, in to which the house dissolves at its edges like a mirage. The roof over the main room and all canvas walls roll back revealing the carcass-like framework of the house and the primary roof of palm trees hanging over the building.

The building has only two rooms, which are linked by a long gallery with a roof resembling a pair of upturned rowing scull.

The plan form is generated by the greater landscape. The surrounding red earth wall stands for the background of the hills and the meniscus pond the horizon of the sea. The house has two linked skins, an outer of metal and inner of thin polished timber like a musical instrument.

Built by the architect and shipwright friends.

Words from ‘Richard Leplastrier : Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award 2004’ published by Rakennustieto Finland 2004.

Photos : Michael Wee from ’70 | 80 | 90 Iconic Australian Houses’ by Karen McCartney published by Murdoch Book, Sydney, 2011.


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