Architecture Foundation Australia


Over all years we have been running Master Classes and place-based immersions on architecture in beautiful natural settings with inspirational ‘masters’. These are transformational learning programs rich in meaning and experience. The following Testimonials from a few of 1000 strong international Alumni network , from over 80 nations, offer insights into the impact and value of the process and the experience.

Diego Montero

It is difficult to put into words what happened to me during those two weeks. Sharing work and free time with all of you was great, something I hadn’t done for a long time. It was also great to see that we could achieve something really good working with sensitive, talented people. Different situations and experiences added and freshened up the creative process. Great tutors with a positive frame of mind brought out the best in everybody. The students who helped us were amazing. I was astonished by the quality and sensitivity of all the final schemes. They were all interesting and original. Showing the great amount of the participants’ creativity and work and the sensible tutoring which made such outcomes possible.

The country and the people amazed me – and best, I rediscovered that architecture might have a reason.

Thank you all for sharing work, rooms or beers, in my group or the Master Class in general for the most wonderful time. I thought it was going to be a vacation, but it was busy as hell. You always have a crash pad in South America. Un gran abrazo.

Origin: Uruguay

Lindsay Johnston