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Egernsund, Denmark : Eva and Bo Frederiksen

Eva Frederiksen + Bo Frederiksen , Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2011

Egernsund House, Flensburg Fjord, Southern Jutland, Denmark

Completed : Spring 2017

[ private house, minimal, sea view, in-situ concrete, local bricks, oak wood, low energy ]

The house is located in Southern Jutland, Denmark on a sloping site directly to Flensburg Fjord. The building is designed as a precise cube cut into the slope. It has three floors facing the fjord and one floor facing the street. All rooms have a view towards the sea and Germany. Central in the house is a staircase through all floors, with a direct view from the entrance to the fjord. The top floor has kitchen and living room in one large room with a ceiling height of 3.25 metres, the middle level has 2 rooms and lower floor 1 room and a large bathroom. The construction is done by local craftsmen and the material selection is limited as much as possible. It is built in concrete, cast on site, with visible concrete surfaces inside. Exterior walls are clad in a hard-burned local brick. The windows are made of oak with exterior aluminum coating. Floors on the two upper levels are solid oak planks. Bottom level has concrete floor. The house is a highly insulated low-energy house with district heating based on geothermal and solar heat. The site is located in a close urban context. The exterior work towards the road is not completely finished yet. It is the plan to build an outbuilding and a garage. When it is finished, the relation to the village will be in place.

Architects : Frederiksenarchitects

Projects Architects : Bo Frederiksen, Eva Frederiksen

Builders : Local builders and trades

Photos : Frederiksen

Web site : www.frederiksenarchitects.dk


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10 Living copy.jpg
18 Bedroom copy.jpg
22 Bedroom copy.jpg
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West Façade

West Façade

Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Middle Floor Plan

Middle Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

1 Facade_Front House copy.jpg
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