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Vietnam : Akasa Minh

Akasa Minh, Hanoi, Vietnam : Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2004

Sound of Empty Heart, Restaurant, West Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

Constructed February - April 2017

[restaurant, indigenous skills, bamboo, urban, cultural park, tropical, climatic responsive]

Over a thousand years of history Hanoi, with a unique urban layout, ischaracterised by natural water systems which became a ‘navel’ of Vietnam, with many layers of cultural and political systems. The rivers, lakes, ponds and other water channels create hidden values in this high density national capital.

A restaurant in a temporary structure, is located beside a great water feature of Hanoi - the West Lake - which is surrounded by a chain of cultural heritage buildings of many dynasties. The building was designed to be a meeting point for citizens with a special atmosphere while meeting restricted urban regulations of construction. The site includes particular trees, a water dock, and an existing small building that needs to be preserved and improved.

The main concept is an architectural body with inward sensitive sunlight and natural air movement to address the West Lake geographical characteristics. An organic form was considered to adapt to the site. Bamboo was naturally chosen for realising a concept and situation. 5500 bamboo pieces, 6 meters length, were carried to the site from the forestdistance 100 kilometers to the west of Hanoi, 6 meters is maximum length allowed for a truck entering into the city.

The building body is constructed with an reference to a traditional daily bamboo object – the fishing trap. The structural solution is unique using knot art to withstand wind pressure and for durability and is a new experience of bamboo details. This is a first time at a big scale in a bamboo building in Vietnam. Inside is the restaurant below the splendid bamboo structure, and its skylight with filtered hinged canvas. A skylight gives a special play to the bamboo composition with kinetic system and simple structure. Around 4pm to 6pm a moving light plays on the underside surface of the roof, resulting from reflected light of the water dock at the west side of project. The building serves as a restaurant and encourages a platform, or meeting place, for cultural activities, and enriches a chain of history in contemporary life of Hanoi.

 Architect team – Akasa Minh with Tuyen, Hien with workers - Phat, Tho, Cung, Mai, Hop, Le, Thuc

 Photo Credits – Akasa Minh

 Web address - http://akasaminh.com/en/


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