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Bangalore India : Bijoy Ramachandran

Bijoy Ramachandran, Bangalore, India : Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2012

[ warm climate : primary school : shade : thermal mass : ventilation : gardens ]

Neev Academy Primary School, Bangalore, India : 2016

Bijoy Ramachandran and Hundredhands Architects 

Alluding to the universal idea of people sitting under the shade of a large tree to exchange their realizations, the simple cluster of platforms and terraces under the hovering roof creates a benign & instantly recognizable environment for learning and playing. 

Our initial proposal imagined the school plan as a ‘mat’ with gardens and rooms alternating and rich in-between spaces - this basic idea of a universal grid within which one was adding, subtracting and mis-aligning rooms to find open spaces (verandahs, terraces, patios, etc.) forms the core of our scheme.

The school houses classrooms for grades 1-5 with three sections in each grade. The plan is organised on the basis of these clusters of three classrooms opening out onto shared work/play areas. 

We worked very closely with our client, Kavita Gupta Sabharwal, who articulated in great detail the philosophy of the school which informed the way we designed spaces for group activities, individual contemplation and chance encounters. 50% of the building is sheltered open space of various scales designed to accommodate a variety of activities.

Hundredhands Project Team : S. Sreekanth, Alkananda Yeshwanth, Shraddha Kamath, Anubhav Anurag, Harshith Nayak, Ragul Ravichandran
Landscape Architect: Varna Dhar
Structural Consultant: Manjunath & Co.
Electrical Consultant: L.S. Consultants
PHE Consultant: Prism Consultants
Project Manager: Desbuild Kris Cooper
General Contractors: S.V. Constructions
Interior Contractor: M/S Bhuraram

See - http://www.hundredhands.com/neev.html


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