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Trey Rabke, San Antonio, Texas, USA : Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2006

[ holiday getaway : rural : local timber : on footprint of former cabin ]

The Old Porch, Sisterdale, Texas, USA

Trey Rabke, Lake Flato Architects

“The project began directly before, or just after, the trip to the Glenn Murcutt Master Class, and the experience had a significant impact on the design of this and other projects since.

The Cabin “porch” is actually a personal getaway for me and my family. The stone porch, fireplace, and footprint of a former cabin were all relics, or memories that we wanted to preserve. The ‘parti’ became a big roof floating over and protecting them. I used native cypress wood extensively on the project - the cypress trees line the nearby river and we named our first born Cypress as well. I trust he shares the same insect / rot resistance….”

Situated near the Guadalupe River, the cabin is located on the footprint of a pre-existing cabin, to which a stone porch and fireplace were added many years ago. The stone porch and fireplace were reinforced and preserved as an element in the new structure.

The new cabin is reminiscent of hay barns in the area and classic ‘dogtrot’ houses. It is a simple gabled volume bisected with porch to one side and enclosed living on the other. The living area consists of a screened kitchen/dining area, book-ended by conditioned bedrooms/ baths. Rolling doors on the north and south secure the building and block winds.

Native cypress wood is used extensively throughout the project for structural elements as well as interior finishes.

Photos : ?. Wyatt and Andrew Granger for G&G 

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