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Wim Goes, Gent, Belgium

Glenn Murcutt Master Class 2006 : New Zealand Master Class 2008

[ addition : pavilion : timber : craftsmanship : shingles : adaptable ]

Refuge over a Pond, Flanders, Belgium : 2008

Wim Goes Architectuur – Wim Goes, Anja Houbaert

In the Flemish farmlands, on a parcel fringed with Pollard Willows and surrounded by swamps, a pond and shrubbery, a

typical north – south oriented farmhouse is situated. Its character is strikingly honest and straightforward. Its surroundings evoke tranquility, simplicity and memory.

The refuge is a link between this landscape and architecture, but at the same time does not try to be one more than the other or anything new. It is made in wood with the metier of Master Carpenter Florent De Spiegeleir. Mastership is very important, it is the knowledge to bring together material in joints.

A wooden floor is cantilevered over the pond. Wooden vertical timber 'beams' are supporting the roof. On the roof red wood shingles leads the rain to red copper spouts giving back the water to the pond surrounding the pavilion. Like wood red copper forms a patina, maturing with time to find its beauty.

An inner space can be protected from winds, temperature and sound by sliding doors. The freedom to change the refuge with the change of nature, architecture becomes a kind of tool in between the landscape and the human presence. Its a learning process to interact with the elements. 

The ever changing meteorological conditions will change the inhabitants and so the 

architecture. Living with nature is not an aesthetical question nor a formal behaviour. It is a state of mind.

Photography : Laura Bown

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