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Murcutt MPavilion Revealed

Glenn Murcutt 'MPavilion' Revealed

MPavilion is a leading architecture commission and design event held in Melbourne. Each year the Naomi Milgrom Foundation commissions a temporary pavilion from a leading international architect to house talks, workshops, performances and installations from October until February in the city oasis of the Queen Victoria Gardens opposite the NGV.

From Glenn's statement ..
"The MPavilion is firstly a real pavilion: historically, a pavilion is a tent, a light and temporary building. I felt a crisp white building that at night could be lit from within its roof — like a lantern in the Queen Victoria Gardens, giving the pavilion a feeling of lightness, would sit comfortably in the location. The pavilion is designed so that it can also be very easily dismantled and relocated"

The pavilion is due to be completed and to open in November 2019.

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Lindsay Johnston