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Payal Patel - Testimonial

The Master Class was an incredible experience. The chance to work, design and even hold a conversation with all the five of you was amazing - something which I will cherish throughout my life. The amount of knowledge you have and are ready to share so willingly was humbling. I was reintroduced to respecting nature which had sadly taken a back seat in the hustle-bustle of the office work. I had started taking things like landscaping as not 'my scope of work' since it is not a part of the agreement - and I realised how foolish that is.  I also got a chance to get back to sketching - for the love of it and not because I need to in the office or at site. And to make friends from all over the world - a rich and invaluable gift! I cant be more lucky and grateful for this opportunity. My only wish is that we had more time -  some more days to gain more knowledge and make more memories! But I am sure we will all cross paths soon.
Payal Patel, Practising Architect, Mumbai, India
Murcutt Master Class 2017 

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