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Peter Stutchbury France and USA October 12

Cliff Face House, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia by Peter Stutchbury and Fergus Scott. Winner of the Australian Institute of Architects ‘Best House’ NSW 2012.

Peter Stutchbury Lecture Tour October 2012 

02 october strasborg france, arts festival 6pm
08 october columbia new york lunchtime
09 october austin texas 5.30pm
10 october kansas state 5.30pm
11 october, kansas design centre, 6pm
12 october uni of arkansas, 4pm
15 october, washington uni, st louis, 6pm
17 october, rural studio, 5pm.

18 october, uni of arizona, tucson, 5.30pm

Peter Stutchbury is a 'master' with Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier and Brit Andresen on the annual Glenn Murcutt International Master Class and other programs presented by the Architecture Foundation Australia

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